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We all have difficult times. Everything seemed to go on as usual, everything was calm, and suddenly — bang! pandemonium begins, difficulties arise, the mood is negative, or zero, and off we go. What, from the point of view of astrology, can be caused by various lineal crises?

Pluto Crises

Pluto transits or directions are the most obvious and the most dramatic. They occur when transiting or directional Pluto aspects any of the planets of the horoscope by conjunction, square or opposition. Also, a crisis occurs with a similar impact on the corners of the chart — ASC, MS, IC and DSC, Lilith and the Nodes of the Moon.

Pluto in astrology governs the collective energies that unite separate individuals into a structure of a larger scale. This force, which unites the disparate into a single whole at the moment of its action, concerns those aspects of our life that were originally socialized, were given to us for a while at our disposal, and do not fully belong to us. Its integrating effect is rather watery and similar in quality to the energies ruled by the sign Scorpio.
Under the influence of Pluto , we need to refuse, cut off communication with traces, signs, things, ideas that we no longer need or do not belong to us, which have arisen as a result of interaction, relationships with other individuals. With the fact that, having joined the collective structure of a larger scale, to enter into interactions of a deeper level of development than the previous one.
Pluto is a mutation, the moments of Pluto’s influence are the critical points of our development, the moments of transition from one stage of development to another. And in these moments, active Pluto requires us to leave what we held on to in the previous stage. Instead, it integrates us into more developed structures, giving us more resources.

The problem here lies in our attachment to those things, objects that we need to leave. We get used to them, moreover, they were signs, maybe even in some way key points that keep us in the collective structure of the previous stage of our development. Therefore, they seemed important to us, and our affection for them was strong.
In addition, as a rule, such objects are not something large, noticeable and well distinguishable. These are, in most cases, some iconic little things, details. Once upon a time they had great meaning for us and were clearly distinguishable, but as they developed, they lost their meaning and energy saturation, leaving only the fact of hooking on them, anchoring, attachment. And at the time of the Plutonic impact, such objects, as a rule, are not saturated with energy, have outlived their usefulness, and therefore can be poorly distinguishable by consciousness.

And so, at the moments of Pluto’s activation, the following happens:
We grew, developed, and at some point we had the prerequisites for inclusion in the structure of the next stage of development. At the time of the transit or direction of Pluto, this structure turns towards us and its unifying internal energy begins to attract us, gradually including us into its routine. This process is irreversible, in the presence of the necessary objects in our subtle bodies, they will be included in the collective reality of a higher level. At the same time, the structure of the lower level holds us for the very remnants of its elements in us. But the newer structure has a greater energy saturation and its elements are stronger. If we do not let go of those anchors that hold us in the past, these anchors begin to be torn out of us by force, along with what we hold on to them.

With a strong attachment to the old, this process can be very painful. It seems that fate has come to destroy everything that is important to us. That life, familiar and well-established, is collapsing. In fact, this is true, but what is already obsolete, what we really don’t need anymore, is collapsing. A personal crisis arises. In order to overcome it, or to reduce its negative emotionality, it is important to see all those I need to let go and let them go.

These situations arise, I repeat, at the moments of transits or directions of Pluto. Transits are external forces that “find” us in the process of their development. We find ourselves in demand by the collective reality that has grown to a certain level, and it calls us. Directions are our internal evolution. The same growth, during which the old collective structures lose energy, and new ones are activated. We reach a certain point in development, when we are ready to move to a new level, and at this moment there is a structure that includes us.
These things happen most strongly at the time of Pluto conjunctions with personality points.
Ascendant — everything is subject to change. Personality changes, a big and fateful move is possible, Entry into a new stage of life.
IC — our attitude to the house, to the family is undergoing transformation. Moving is also possible here, but it is much more important that at such moments a person leaves his old home — symbolically or in fact and for some time finds himself homeless. A new feeling of home comes on a new level. The correct thing here is to expand the concept of «home», the feeling of home to a large area.

DSC — relations undergo transformations. There is a high chance of divorce. As well as entering into new relationships. The signal for the correct development of events is the appearance of a new partner — a person related to a large collective reality. MC — the attitude to the vision of one’s place in life, work, career changes. There is a high probability of changing the place of work, or even the type of activity. It would be right to go to work, start a career in a large (compared to the previous place) organization. With a “soft” scenario, a person always has the possibility of a smooth, calm and planned transition to a new level structure. Life offers him something, and here it is important to see the opportunities in time and use them. Give up the anchors of the old structures in time. In the hard option, a person clings to the old too much, but the energy here has already outlived its usefulness, and he cannot do the work as before , and maintain relations at the same level, and the structure of the old level, sensing this, starts to reject the person.
Many try to avoid the Pluto problem by delaying their development. It is intuitively clear to them that development will be associated with the need for change, with the need to leave a warm and familiar place of residence, and they oppose their own development. As a result, the energy of the old structures is still lost, but the delay in the formation of the rudiments of structures of a new level leaves them in place, in a disintegrating and degenerate context.
Similar to the corners of the chart, Pluto causes changes during transits and directions on the planets of the chart, transforming the models of their manifestation and the ways of activity in the areas they control. It should be noted that the negative (in terms of incorrect functionality, delays and anchors) interaction of Pluto with the Sun and Moon can lead to to serious systemic diseases up to oncology. Such transits cause the most severe consequences, due to the fact that the energy of the Sun and the Moon is basic for us, and often the processes and structures formed by it enter our lower subtle bodies very deeply, being mainly in the area of the unconscious or unconscious. A person is forced to change, but he often does not understand what exactly changes are needed, and plutonic forces literally tear him out of his usual context with meat. This is a very dramatic and painful process.

The interaction of Pluto with Mercury causes a transformation in the way of thinking in the systems of signs used. The areas ruled by Mercury (houses of the horoscope) are also affected. With a negative development of events, serious violations of thinking are possible here — up to mental illness. With a positive variant, a person acquires an unusually deep understanding of what is happening, his intellect begins to penetrate much deeper than before. For the correct passage of this aspect, analysis is necessary — which formulations have already become obsolete, which intellectual theories are outdated.
The interaction of Pluto with Mars and Venus concerns the sphere of personal relationships. A crisis in relationships arises rather when Pluto influences Venus in the male horoscope and Mars in the female. Acting in a different order — on Mars male and Venus female, Pluto causes personal crises, forcing a person to change his ideas about himself, about the value of himself as a man or woman. Jupiter under the influence of Pluto — our ambitions are changing, i.e. those social significant goals that we set for ourselves. Our understanding of success is being transformed, the ideal images we aspire to are subject to change. In the negative version, a person finds himself in a situation where he suffers from them. Either he makes mistakes, from which he incurs censure and shame, or perhaps his ill-wishers become more active and discuss his shortcomings.
In general, however, the interaction of Pluto and Jupiter, although painful and critical, carries fewer risks than, say, the interaction of Pluto with Saturn. In the latter case, Pluto transforms what is most resistant to change — the backbone we have accumulated over many years habits, our skeletal structures. Under the influence of Saturn, the anchors that hold us in the structures of the old level acquire rigidity and stability, and parting with them, if it happens in an uncontrolled mode, is extremely painful and entails dramatic events that bear the imprint of fatality. In a positive way, people with a well-developed Saturn, this planet helps to focus attention on the essence of the problem of the current moment, and the resourcefulness that the structure of the new level, activated by Pluto, has, on the contrary, helps to do truly great things.

The interactions of Pluto with Neptune are very unpleasant, especially for water signs, or romantic natures, prone to dreaminess, subtle feelings. Pluto in this case transforms the system of idealized, ideal representations of a person. Forcing him to abandon already outdated idealizations, and doing this through disappointment in ideals. The collapse of ideals — although, in fact, this process is rather the destruction of illusions. In any case, this is already almost ideological in nature, and here one cannot do without a breakdown, a negative mood, reaching almost depression.
Interacting with Lilith , Pluto punishes a person. Those things that previously seemed to go unpunished, Pluto is revising to meet the needs of a new stage of development. And his sentence here can be very severe — the objects and processes that have arisen under the influence of Lilith are weakly connected with reality, and can be completely canceled by Pluto. Simultaneously.
In a positive way, such interaction gives an extremely deep look, penetration almost into the very wrong side of life and an understanding of the global and subtle mechanisms that control large-scale events.

The impact of Pluto on the Upper Node of the Moon (North, Rahu , Dragon Head) clears us of obsolete, obsolete plans. At the same time, giving the opportunity to plan from the standpoint of new realities. The resourcefulness of the new levels of development here gives a feeling of omnipotence, and on this many people get burned, trying to drive the plans of the old level into implementation again. All these plans are waiting for a bummer. Because of this, people in such a situation often have pessimism — «everything I plan is broken off.» Yes, if a person continues to stubbornly try to prolong the life of what is already dying.

Interacting with the Lower Node of the Moon (South, Ketu. Tail of the dragon) Pluto cleans out the Augean stables of our reality. The function of the South Node is to distribute to those closest to us what we no longer need, what we have outlived. And here also there are all sorts of clues, anchors and so on. We are overgrown with routine, habitual, routine, which arises solely from our unwillingness to give something away. And here Pluto is out of place like nowhere else. True, his useful activity in all respects here is also extremely painful — he drives us out of our familiar warm places into the cold and darkness of the unknown.
Conjunctions with Pluto act directly — the structure of the new level offers new material to the directly aspected point and directly cancels the old one. Squares — they force you to correct the old bindings, combine them with the new, refusing part of them. The opposition directly cancels the old anchors, but does not offer new ones, or offers, but in a particularly perverted way — from the opposite. “No, don’t do it, do something completely different, and then you will realize that it was the same thing.”
The opposition — although here Pluto still acts as if from afar, without directly invading the area controlled by the planet or point — all the same, the opposition causes more irreparable damage than any other aspect, however, to a lesser extent than the connection and somewhat less intense option.

The trines and sextiles of Pluto lead to a mild, rather calm transformation — we easily sacrifice obsolete things that we do not need. As a rule, such aspects do not lead to personality crises.

Characteristic for the activation of Pluto is fear. Fear of loss and parting with the familiar . Often there is a reassessment of possible risks — due to the fact that the outworn anchors, weakly saturated with energy, glow weakly and are poorly visible. Not distinguishing between them, not understanding what Pluto and the situation requires of us, we tend to exaggerate possible losses. It seems to us that we are losing everything, up to life and destiny. There is a panic that can reach physical manifestations — fainting, loss of consciousness, impaired thinking. Panic attacks.
Fear causes panic and hysteria. A person with a manifested Pluto in the natal chart is prone to panic and hysteria. Fear gives rise to a strategy of flight, avoidance of the new and avoidance of development.

Connection under the influence of Pluto of new, more resourceful systems can give a person a sense of strength. And here another behavioral mistake arises — sometimes, feeling resourcefulness and strength, there is a desire to use it. If this is the transit of Pluto through the 7th house, we are trying to influence, press, sometimes to the point of hysteria, on our partners. In the 10th house — on subordinates. In the 1st house — we are trying to push through the situation in general, imagining that we are in a tank.

The key to solving Pluto’s problems is calmness. You need to calm down and let things take their course. With proper concentration, an almost instantaneous resolution of the problems activated by Pluto is possible, and then a characteristic feeling of bliss arises — “ ffu … let go …”

Ideas that help solve Pluto’s problems: “What happens only deprives you of things you no longer need or never belong to. Pluto never affects the main, vital things, on the contrary, it supports them. Look and you will see it for yourself.”
“The fear that you feel arises from overestimation of possible losses and risks. Yes, in a Pluto situation, losses are inevitable, but you need to soberly and calmly assess them, understand the size of the expected risk. “The Pluto situation is a situation of loss. Losing some in small and not significant, but about winning in a larger one. Do not try to win at any cost, it is more profitable for you to lose, to retreat.

The strategy of correct behavior under the influence of Pluto is a strategy of tactical retreat, losing in small things, but in the end winning in more.